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About Graning Paint

We opened our doors in 1955 and have been a staple of the Downtown Knoxville economy ever since. Through strong and weak economic times, our family-owned business has survived by virtue of our exceptional customer service and variety of products. At Graning, we know paints and finishes and can help you complete your project no matter the scale. Our knowledgeable employees (pictured above) have nearly a combined 200 years of experience in the paint industry.

We pride ourselves in having one of, if not the best selection of paint and finishing related products in Knoxville. Unlike other, more general home improvement stores, we focus specifically on paints and finishes and place our orders with manufacturers accordingly. Our business depends on this large selection of products as we cater to a vast number of clientele ranging from the average homeowner to professional painters and even larger, urban development companies.

Just because we believe so strongly in our superior knowledge of paints and finishes doesn’t mean the product you need will cost you any more here than it would at your typical, big-box retailer. Because of our minimal, no-bureaucracy business model, we are consistently able to offer our goods at prices comparable or even better than the competition. Our expert staff makes it their mission to send you out the door with the exact product you need so the project is done right the first time, saving you valuable time and money.

We have no stockholders to answer to. It has been and always will be our pleasure to serve you, the customer (and likely East Tennessee resident). If you have any questions or concerns as to how we may be of better help to you, please feel free to stop in any time or give us a phone call or email. We’re as confident as ever that we will be able to fulfill your paint and finishing needs professionally, at the best price possible. Don’t take our word for it– ask around town. We’ve worked hard to make a name for ourselves in our 56+ years in business.

Store Hours: 6AM-5PM M-F, 7AM-12PM Sat | Address: 600 E. Magnolia Ave. 37917 (at Hall of Fame Drive) (directions) | Phone: (865) 546-4881 | Email:


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